About Us

 At The Inside Wire.... just as our name states.... we hide the wires.  ---- We are all about clean and neat custom work --- Wires hidden in wall, making things appear as if the wiring was installed while the walls were being built.   .....but that is just part of what we do.  Our installations are neat, clean, and custom installed.  We pride ourselves in quality work, and quality installed systems.  We find that many times the reason we are out on site to repair a customers equipment was due to poor installation practices of the previous installers.  We find that our customers have far fewer problems when using quality, reliable equipment, and when things are properly installed the first time.  To us, this means not running cables loose and exposed that can become easily damaged and poor appearance, not running cabling on flourescent light fixtures (causing interference and signal loss), using proper cable connectors, properly supporting cabling (not laying on ceiling tiles, or on the ground in crawlspaces --- This also means doing things the right way, even when the customer isn't going to be looking.  We want every customer completely satisfied with our work... forever.   ....and that goes for all of our systems -- from security systems to telephone and network cabling, HDTVs (with all cabling concealed), to video surveillance camera systems.  Please take a look at our photo gallery to see the final results!